I am grateful for the chance to be part of this project and proud of my team at Pixomondo Beijing!

This fully 3D printed commercial for Zihua Creative (zihua.com.cn), China’s first online learning platform focused on the creative industries, illustrates how creatives must unbox themselves to drive change in the creative industries. Goodstein partnered with Pixomondo, Idea RP and the in-house creative team of Zihua in producing this film, which fuses traditional stop motion animation with cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Although the film is under one minute long, the team dedicated several months and 3D printed more than 600 “Boxman” figurines in order to complete the project – the first of its kind in the world. This animated short highlights a number of the courses that will be offered on the Zihua platform, including character design, CG animation, stop motion animation, illustration, film scoring, sound design and 3D printing.
To learn more about these techniques, visit zihua.com.cn. Follow Zihua Creative on: https://vimeo.com/zihuacreative

via Zihua Creative — GOODSTEIN.