we were really lucky to have worked on
two thrilling movies recently:
Ninja, James McTeigue Wachowskis,
a very cool actionpiece in the tradition of ninja films with the visual style of the wachowskis

Besides some other projects I was really lucky to have worked on a thrilling movie as a VFX Producer for Pixomondo this year: Ninja Assassin, directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) and produced by Larry and Andy Wachowskis (The Matrix), is a very cool actionpiece in the tradition of ninja films. Dan Glass and Chris Townsend (Visual Effects Supervisors) gave it a stunning look and us the chance to contribute creativity and sweat! Check out the website!
I am very proud of the work the Ninja team at Pixomondo created and happy about how much it influences the look of the movie. It was a great team-effort on a very demanding show with lot’s of ups and downs. So much passion and love (“Add a little bit more love”;) went into the shots. It was a great experience for me!
Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to give credit to all the great artist who contributed so much with their work, in the rolling titles of the movies. (We had 6 lines – just enough for 10 credits). But I would like to take the chance to do this here.

Thanks you! It was an honor and pleasure to work with you all!

VFX Supervisor – Simply a great job, Bjørn!
Björn Mayer

My great coordination crew – keeping track of 160+ shots, countless tasks and notes for more then 50 artists:
Jan Fiedler (the brain)
Viktorija Ogureckaja
Franzisca Puppe

Our fabulous CG and FX crew – creating beautiful rendering and made not just our shots incredible “bloody”:

Bernd Nalbach (CG Supervisor)
Pieter Mentz (Bloody Lead)
Mohsen Mousavi

Fikret Yildirim

Marcel Kern
Irfan Celik
Michele Danzé
Julius Lechner
Ralf Rendelmann

The Animators – asked to forget about the laws of nature to create stunning fights:
Daniel Holzwarth
Tanja Krampfert
Martin Wellstein

The Mattepainters – some of the best of their kind!
Rene Borst
Thilo Ewers
Adam Figielski
Henrik Zähringer

The Compositors – Hey, version 104 for an approval must not be a bad thing 🙂
Jan Burda (Lead)
Florian Schroeder (Lead)
Jan Maroske (Lead)
Michael Dohne
Andreas Frickinger (Lead)
Philipp Danner
Miriam Farschon
Florian Franke
Ebru Gönül
David Harter
Stefan Ihringer
Miklos Kozary
Philip Lücke
Jan Maroske
Teni Noravian
Philip Nussbaumer
Nina Pries
Florian Schroeder
Stephan Schweizer
Udo Smutny
Adina Wernstedt
The Matchmover – just precise!
Damian Doennig (MM Supervisor)
Christoph Gaudl
Martin Jurado
Martin Kulig
Denis Trutanic

Pipeline and System Engineers – Thanks for keeping the engine running!
Michael Thalmann
Alexander Balling

THE Editorial
Tobias Pfeiffer

The Administration and good fairies of Pixomondo – thanks for keeping our backs free and our mood up:
Heiko Burkardsmaier
Annika Koch
Claudia Weingärtner
Sonja Waldraff

The Boss – Thanks for giving us the chance to produce world-class effects all around the world (and all the nice 8-cores for our bloody madness:):
Thilo Kuther

Congratulation and respect also to the teams of the other facilities involved in the project: Trixter, Evil Eye Pictures, Rise FX