…  Journey, Ironman 2, Percy Jackson, The Loosers, Nightmare on Elmstreet, Hindenburg … Just trying to catch up on the last year in this post 🙂 What a productive year! We just opened the “new” PIXOMONDO Beijing facility 2 years ago and already finished our work on the 8th Hollywood movie, several TV shows, commercials and a lot of very nice local projects.

Thanks to everyone who made that possible and supported us. Big respect to the team – especially the artists, leads, coordinators, managers who believe in and work so much for our goal to develop this facility as a “visual effects and design lighthouse” for high-quality productions and a good and collaborative working environment in China. I guess we are developing our very own way on how we do productions and business here …. There is still a lot of hard work in front of us, but I am sure this facility has a bright future. I hope I will find the time to post some more about the projects we were doing and the ones we are working on now. (If we are allowed to talk about them 😉